Coverys saves time and resources with Diligent Boards

November 14, 2023

As Director of Corporate Governance for Coverys, a leading provider of medical professional liability services, Kim Tobin must keep the board up to date on the latest information requiring their oversight or decision-making.

This was sometimes a painful process that entailed reams and reams of paper being mailed to directors’ homes, with each correction requiring costly reprints.

With Diligent, Tobin was able to:

  • Eliminate cumbersome, time-consuming paperwork
  • Facilitate more effective collaboration through an easy-to-use interface for board members and staff alike
  • Ensure robust information security that supports the speed of digital communication without privacy concerns

“By partnering with Diligent Boards,” Tobin said, “the number one takeaway for our organization is to provide the board with a very secure sense that their information is protected.”

To learn more about how Diligent Boards helps organizations cut meeting preparation time by 50-60%, download the Total Economic Impact of Diligent Board & Leadership Collaboration report by Forrester Consulting.


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